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Live at Leeds in the Park offers:


  • Complimentary companion ticket for access customers that require one to attend the event

  • Viewing platform access for access customers in wheelchairs and their PA’s

  • Ambulant disabled viewing areas at each stage for customers who have mobility issues but do not use a wheelchair, or customers that need somewhere away from the crowd + their PA’s

  • Please note that the platforms are in the same location, just split over two levels to ensure that the areas are utilised efficiently, and everyone can access them safely 

  • Accessible toilets at all viewing areas, info points and toilet blocks

  • Dedicated access team onsite to assist with any queries or issues on the day

  • Access customers are welcome to bring camping chairs should they wish to either use in the public areas (safely, not in the middle of the crowd, near where lots of crowd movement will be taking place etc) or either at the viewing areas.  

  • Free of charge accessible parking

  • Two Revoloo changing facilities with accessible toilet, hoist and changing table


Complimentary Companion Tickets


Live at Leeds in the Park offers a free of charge companion / PA ticket for those customers who require the assistance from another person to be able to attend the event comfortably. 


 If you wish to apply for a complimentary companion ticket for Live at Leeds in the Park 2024, please purchase a ticket for yourself first, then head here to fill out our Access Requirements Form.  


You will be asked to provide your DLA, PIP, benefits letter or equivalent, registered severely sight impaired card, Access Card, Nimbus Card, assistance dog card or other evidence (such as medical professional letters)


Blue badge holders will be required to upload a copy of their badge to then obtain an accessible parking pass.


Please note, the booking process for VIEWING PLATFORM tickets has changed for 2024.  


Please head to SEE TICKETS to book the appropriate ticket for yourself then fill out the access requirements form to support your ticket purchase, more information regarding the new process is below.


Viewing Platforms


This year the platform access will be granted into two different areas on the platforms depending on your access requirements.

The higher tier will be for wheelchair users (and their PA's) ONLY.  This is to ensure that there is ample room for everyone who needs it.  

The lower tier of the platform (which will either be raised or in a position where the natural bowl of the arena gives a natural platform over the standard viewing area) will be for those who need an 'ambulant' area.  

The ambulant area is for those who cannot stand for long periods of time or those who need a less busy separated place to enjoy the show from.  

Please note that both platforms are subject to capacity and at a first come first served basis.  

Whilst we issue the same amount of wristbands to correlate to the platform capacities, this is a combined capacity of all platforms available and we cannot predict / pre-manage the demand for each artist at each stage so we advise if there are any artists that you definitely wish to watch from the platform please get down early.

There will be chairs available on the platforms, however you can bring your own chair if you prefer, this also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the show comfortably but not necessarily on the platforms - if you are planning on bringing your own chairs, please be mindful of where you situate yourself in the crowd.  

Some acts may get very busy and there might be a lot of movement (mosh pits etc) so please try and stay on the outskirts of the crowds not only for your own safety but for those around you.

The split levels will be applicable for the open-air stages only.  Indoor stages will have a larger one level platform which customers with either platform wristbands will be able to access.


Parking / Pick up and Drop Off


The accessible parking / accessible pick up and drop off point are separate from the general parking and closer to each venue.  Space at these car parks is very limited and we prioritise Blue Badge holders.  Should you need to use the car park or accessible pick up and drop off and do not have a Blue Badge, please include a short explanation as to why in your access application.


Parking and the pick-up / drop off passes can be applied for on the access requirements form.


Arena Facilities + Event Terrain


Accessible Viewing Platforms (mentioned above) are available at each platform.   These platforms will be staffed by security and members of the access team should you need any assistance. Each viewing platform will have accessible toilets, standard toilets and charging points for electric wheelchair use only.


As both sites are now greenfield, will need to travel across grassy terrain to access most viewing platforms and other areas of the festival.  Should we experience rain in the run-up to the event or on the event day the terrain could become muddy and harder to navigate, please come prepared for such conditions


Application Process


If you wish to apply for access to either of the viewing platforms, please head here to purchase the applicable viewing platform ticket.  Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation which includes a link to the access requirements form.


PLEASE NOTE – Accessible Viewing Platform tickets are only valid with an approved access requirements form.  If we do not receive a valid access requirements form your ticket will be refunded and invalidated.


Should you not require accessible viewing platform access but need other accessible facilities (such as lowered bar serving areas, toilets, PA ticket, parking etc) please head here to fill out the form once you have booked a standard ticket.  


If you require a PA ticket, please purchase a ticket for yourself and then fill out the form where you can request your PA ticket.


Applications will close strictly 4 weeks before the event (26th April 2024) to allow for all info and comms to be sent to all customers in plenty of time before the festival.  If the viewing platform tickets are unavailable on the See Tickets ticket page this means they are sold out and no longer available to book. 


Once you have completed the form, please allow up to two weeks for the access team to process and then confirm your requirements.  


Should you have any questions regarding your visit, please contact – PLEASE only chase a response to your form if it has been over two weeks since submission.  


The access team are a small, dedicated team who work periodically through the applications and the access inbox.


Access Guide


A comprehensive access guide for each event will be sent at least two weeks prior to the festival which will include all important information such as arrival instructions, ticket collection and access facilities on site.


Short Term Injuries or Impairments

We are unable to accommodate requests for use of the access facilities for customers who wish to attend the event whilst experiencing a temporary injury or impairment such as a broken leg etc.

For our access FAQs please click here 


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