Live at Leeds Promoter Picks: Joe Hubbard & "Slackerday Saturday"

For Live at Leeds 2019 we’re bringing back one of our popular features from last year…Promoter Picks! This time around Live at Leeds booker Joe Hubbard recommends his favourite artists at Live at Leeds in what he calls “Slackerday Saturday”. Over to Joe…

Live at Leeds booker Joe Hubbard is currently single.

Live at Leeds booker Joe Hubbard is currently single.

Joe’s Slackerday Saturday


12:00 – 12:30: Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam > The Key Club

Battling “Death By Unga Bunga” for best band name at this year’s festival, I’m going to go listen to some bangers to wake me up.   


13:00 – 13:30: Horror My Friend > Becketts 2

If Horror My Friend can make the trip from Australia, we can make the short walk up to Becketts. More big noisy guitars from this three-piece. Yes please.


14:00 – 14:30: Bessie Turner > Nation of Shopkeepers

One of my favourites on this year’s festival, Bessie Turner is armed with a load of well crafted, catchy, lovely tunes. Nice afternoon vibes.


15:15 – 16:00: Cavetown > Church

With his 8 gazillion streams and army of YouTube subs he probably has more followers than most actual churches, so I’d suggest getting in early to see this special opening set. 


17:15 – 17:45: Spinn > The Wardrobe

I’ll probably be hungry again by this point so probably halloumi fries time from The Wardrobe, then I’ll head into the venue downstairs to see chorus indie poppers Spinn. Their live shows look exciting and they’ve got cool hair dos.


18:00 – 18:30: Lauran Hibberd > Oporto

Another this is going to be really busy warning, Lauran Hibberd plays an intimate set at Oporto on the BBC Introducing stage. Her latest single, Sugardaddy, is yet another belting fuzzy indie anthem, I’ve never seen her live before so buzzing for this one.

19:00 – 19:30: Far Caspian > Oporto

It’s 7 o’clock now so definitely acceptable to grab a drink in Oporto and wait for local dreamy popsters Far Caspian. These are getting lots of hype after appearing in 2018, and a top way to end my day in town before heading back to my homestead of LS6.


20:00 – 20:30: Squid > Hyde Park Book Club

Their latest offering, Houseplants, is playing in the background as I write this. Makes sense, it’s on the 6 Music playlist which dominates the office airwaves. I like a good frantic/fast/shouty tune, all boxes ticked here.


21:00 onwards: Murder Capital > Indoor Pets > Easy Life at Brudenell Social Club

After Squid I’ll let my eardrums recover on the trot down to Brudenell, then completely ruin them again at The Murder Capital. I’m yet to see them live but you can just tell it’ll be a loud, energetic set from the latest breakthrough from the burgeoning Dublin scene.


Brudenell will then become home for the evening. The two bands I’m most excited to watch are Indoor Pets and Easy Life, so it’s an easy decision to stick it out there and cut the risk of missing either of them.


There’s a lot of competition at this point of the festival, but with Indoor Pets riding off the back of an outstanding debut album release full of the catchiest songs, and Easy Life selling out shows up and down the country with their genre fluid amazingness, this is where I’ll be setting up stall.


Sam Robson