Live at Leeds Meets: Spring King

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Spring King join Live at Leeds this year having played one of their first gigs in the region with us.  They’re now one of the hottest acts on our 2018 line-up and we caught up with them at during their recent tour (including a Sold Out show at Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club) to get the low down on what’s going on for the Manchester four-piece. The band also shared with us a bunch of shows from the tour.

Photos from Henry Muller.


Hi Spring King great to have you on Live at Leeds this year! Can you tell us your favourite thing about Leeds?

Hey guys, it’s lovely to be back! I think it has to be the Brudenell Social Club, it’s my favourite venue in the country by far. It’s got 2 fantastic live rooms, a great atmosphere, and the pub itself is such a nice place. Cosmic slop is a close second though.


Can you remember your first show in Leeds? Where was it and how did it go?

I think our first show in Leeds was potentially Live at Leeds like 3 or 4 years ago, upstairs at Leeds Met – it was a wild show! Great crowd, there was a bunch of friends and family came down as well, it was a really nice day all around.


What can we expect from your Live at Leeds show?  Any new material on the go?

We’ve been trying out some new material on this tour and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, so you can definitely expect some new tunes – besides that, expect a crazy fast, energetic show with plenty of moshing, crowd surfing and all round good vibes!


Live at Leeds is a festival that showcases new music…do you have any new artists on the line-up you can recommend? 

The major one for me is you have to try and catch Our Girl [playing the PRS Momentum showcase on Friday 4th May at The Wardrobe] – it’s Soph from The Big Moon’s other band and they’re incredible! We played with them at a charity show at Islington Mill in Manchester a while ago and they blew us away. They’re the loveliest people, and Soph is a wild guitar player, a must see!

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What’s your ideal festival line-up (dead and alive)?

I think taking into account all the guys taste, it’d have to be the Beach Boys headlining, The Mars Volta, Belle and Sebastian, Chet Baker, and a late night set from LCD Soundsytem. Something like that.

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What are the band’s plans for 2018?

The main ambition for this year is to put new music out in whatever form it takes, and to be out on the road as much as possible – expect bigger and better shows, and hopefully an incredible busy year.


Check out ‘Rectifier’ by Spring King Below…and make sure you’re at their Live at Leeds show this year on 5th May!

Sam Robson