Live at Leeds Meets...No Hot Ashes

Now that we have announced our first names on the line-up for Live at Leeds 2019 there’s no better time to discover more about the artists. Today we’re introducing you to a band that caused a flurry of favourites on the Live at Leeds App (click here to get the app) No Hot Ashes.

An upbeat and spiky indie band from the North West, they’ve been building a following across the UK due to relentless touring and Live at Leeds 2019 should be the start of a big summer for the band.

no hot ashes.jpeg

Hi No Hot Ashes, tell us your names and where you’re from 

I - We are Isaac, Luigi, Matt & Jack and together we are NHA from Stockport, Manchester.

Ace to have you on Live at Leeds this year! What’s the best thing about Leeds for you? What are you looking forward to the most about coming back?

L - We’ve played Leeds a few times (not enough) over the years but this will be our first Live At Leeds appearance. Everyone says LAL is great so we are really excited to have been asked to play. We love Leeds as a City, Matt went to Uni there and we all have loads of mates living there still. We’ve done a load of nights out in Leeds and it feels very much like a vibrant, party place.

If you could pick any bands for your ultimate festival line-up (dead or alive) to play on (apart from this year’s LAL which is obviously very close to perfect already) who would it include?

I - Chic, Bootsy Collins, Pixies & Beastie Boys

Funny you should say that, as our special guests for this year are…no, not really. What is the greatest gig you’ve ever been to and why?

L/I – The first gig we attended together was Blood Red Shoes at Manchester Academy 2 around 2012. That show has stuck with us forever. We were huge fans at the time (still are) and they smashed it. There’s a video on Youtube somewhere of a 14 year old Isaac crowd-surfing that gig. 

Do you have any pre-gig rituals? What’s the first thing on the rider request?

I – Have a few drinks, stick on “Jungle Boogie”, a good meal, couple of head slaps and we’re away. Towels are always nice and some thick cut crisps with dips. We’re easily pleased.

Apart from ‘Jungle Boogie’ blasting out from the dressing room what can Live at Leeds expect from No Hot Ashes in your show this year?

L – Loads of sweaty dancing and a load of new tunes

Thanks fellas! Listen to No Hot Ashes on the Discover section of our app or on Spotify below!

Sam Robson