Live at Leeds Announcement: The Vaccines top the bill at Live at Leeds 2018

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Topping the bill at Live at Leeds 2018, one of the most exciting bands of recent years The Vaccines will return to Leeds with new album ‘Combat Sports’ on the horizon.


Artists just added include Idles, Superorganism, Nadine Shah, Rae Morris, Yak, Bad Sounds, CABBAGE, The Xcerts, Cosmo Pyke, The Night Café, King Nun, Sea Girls and many more.



The newly announced artists will join a huge bill featuring Circa Waves, Peace, Ash, British Sea Power, The Horrors, The Magic Gang, Pale Waves, Pulled Apart By Horses, Ten Tonnes, and over 100 more.

Live at Leeds will take place in multiple venues across Leeds City Centre, and is the first festival of the year in which to catch the essential sounds of 2018, a chance to see the best new music first with alumni that include Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, The 1975, Royal Blood, Rag ‘N’ Bone Man, Stormzy and many more acts that have gone onto huge things after playing their first Live at Leeds at the start of their careers.

Find out about every artist playing the festival including listening links live on our artists page.

Live at Leeds Recommends | TOUTS

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Live at Leeds Recommends: TOUTS

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For Fans of: The Enemy | The Jam | The Clash

Listen on our line-up on Spotify playlist:

Irish three-piece Touts are our latest ‘Live at Leeds Recommends’ artist, appearing at Live at Leeds 2018 after supporting no less than The AmazonsLiam Gallagher and another legend Paul Weller. Check them out on our Live at Leeds playlist and get down to the Festival in May to see them live!


Live at Leeds Meets…Spring King

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Spring King join Live at Leeds this year having played one of their first gigs in the region with us.  They’re now one of the hottest acts on our 2018 line-up and we caught up with them at during their recent tour (including a Sold Out show at Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club) to get the low down on what’s going on for the Manchester four-piece. The band also shared with us a bunch of shows from the tour.

Photos from Henry Muller.


Spring King Leeds

Hi Spring King great to have you on Live at Leeds this year! Can you tell us your favourite thing about Leeds?

Hey guys, it’s lovely to be back! I think it has to be the Brudenell Social Club, it’s my favourite venue in the country by far. It’s got 2 fantastic live rooms, a great atmosphere, and the pub itself is such a nice place. Cosmic slop is a close second though.


Spring King Leeds


Can you remember your first show in Leeds? Where was it and how did it go?

I think our first show in Leeds was potentially Live at Leeds like 3 or 4 years ago, upstairs at Leeds Met – it was a wild show! Great crowd, there was a bunch of friends and family came down as well, it was a really nice day all around.


Spring King Leeds


What can we expect from your Live at Leeds show?  Any new material on the go?

We’ve been trying out some new material on this tour and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, so you can definitely expect some new tunes – besides that, expect a crazy fast, energetic show with plenty of moshing, crowd surfing and all round good vibes!


Spring King Leeds

Live at Leeds is a festival that showcases new music…do you have any new artists on the line-up you can recommend? 

The major one for me is you have to try and catch Our Girl [playing the PRS Momentum showcase on Friday 4th May at The Wardrobe] – it’s Soph from The Big Moon’s other band and they’re incredible! We played with them at a charity show at Islington Mill in Manchester a while ago and they blew us away. They’re the loveliest people, and Soph is a wild guitar player, a must see!


Spring King Leeds

What’s your ideal festival line-up (dead and alive)?

I think taking into account all the guys taste, it’d have to be the Beach Boys headlining, The Mars Volta, Belle and Sebastian, Chet Baker, and a late night set from LCD Soundsytem. Something like that.

Spring King Leeds

What are the band’s plans for 2018?

The main ambition for this year is to put new music out in whatever form it takes, and to be out on the road as much as possible – expect bigger and better shows, and hopefully an incredible busy year.


Check out ‘Rectifier’ by Spring King Below…and make sure you’re at their Live at Leeds show this year on 5th May!


Live at Leeds Recommends | Bruno Major

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For Fans of: James Blake | Sampha | Lana Del Rey

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Welcome to a new feature from Live at Leeds…our ‘Recommends’ slot showcasing artists from our 2018 line-up. Today we’re talking about Bruno Major, who in the words of one of our bookers Joe is: “An amazing artist, who recently finished a project where he released a track every full moon for a year. The collection of songs was called ‘incredible’ and ‘stunning’ by NME and he gets my vote as one of the artists to watch at Live at Leeds this year.”



Live at Leeds 2018: New Line-Up Announcement!

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Live at Leeds have added further artists to our 2018 line-up, with an exciting mixture of classic artists alongside the most exciting new music to emerge in recent months…


Ash, Sunset Sons, Pulled Apart by Horses and Dermot Kennedy are amongst the artists that will join Circa Waves, Peace, British Sea Power, The Horrors on 5th May in Leeds City Centre.

Live at Leeds is the ultimate place to hear the essential new sounds of 2018, join us on Saturday 5th May- we’re sure you will find your new favourite band!  Check out all the artists on our Artists page, where we have social and listening links on every artist on the line-up.

Live at Leeds is part of Leeds International Festival.

Meet the Artists – Nick J.D. Hodgson

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As part of our build up to Live at Leeds 2018 we’re sitting down with some artists from the line-up to grill them on what makes them buzz…first up is the notable Nick J.D. Hodgson, formerly founder member and chief writer in Kaiser Chiefs and now releasing solo material after a break that saw him co-writing with artists like Mark Ronson and Rat Boy.

Check out Nick’s first single ‘Suitable’ below:



Live at Leeds is your first festival under the new project, after all the shows and festivals you’ve done do you still get nervous before gigs?

Yes and no. I spent a couple of months being nervous for the first two shows in December but then i was fine just before walking on. I had no plans to play live until i got a text from Ross from The Cribs asking if I’d support them. That was in October and i didn’t have a band or any stage clothes so I was nervous.


It’s taken a little while for you to come out with a solo record, what drove you to do it after the break from the limelight?

I always refused to even entertain the idea. I’d convinced myself I’d got all that out of my system but I clearly haven’t! Ultimately it just comes down to the desire to express yourself and to be a musician. I’ve spent all my life writing songs for others to sing and in about March last year I was just struck by something I found myself singing that felt like I should sing it. It was a eureka moment.


What were your influences for the new record?  There’s quite a 70’s / ELO feel to the production, was that a conscious thing?

Most of the instruments I own are from the 70s so it just happened like that. I’ve heard Noel Gallagher say that instruments, or maybe just guitars have souls and I think that too in a way. I’ve often been in guitar shops, picked up some vintage guitar and played something I’ve never thought of before in a different mood to anything I’d normally play. Unfortunately I have to buy it at that point cos it might be the next magic guitar with all the answers.

I also love Tame Impala and so I wanted to be in that corner of the room when it came to the drum sound and the bass sound. That also leads you down a 70s path.

ELO definitely influenced the vocal harmonies, I’ve always been into stacking up the voices cos it sounds lush. There’s some 10CC in there too.


Will you be checking out the other bands at Live at Leeds, and who are you most looking forward to on the line-up?

Yes, Anteros cos they’re my friends and I’ve worked with them a few times in the studio. I’d like to see Pale Waves too to see what the fuss is about.


What’s your favourite Leeds venue (dead or alive) ?

The Cockpit was amazing because I did a lot of growing up in there. I can remember the first time I walked into Brighton Beach and I knew this was the place for me.


You’ve been involved in the Leeds music scene for years now, what’s the weirdest thing to happen to you at a Leeds venue?

I met Liv Tyler at Joseph’s Well, that was weird.


What’s your perfect festival line-up (other than Live at Leeds 2018 and assuming you’re already on it…)?

If it’s any band dead or alive, I’d love to see Queen with Freddie headlining Leeds festival. I’d also like to see a reformed Oasis. Nirvana would be good and The Strokes. Plus Amy Winehouse, Madonna, Bowie, The Beatles and Slade.


Follow Nick on his Facebook at:

Calling All Indies!

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As part of Live at Leeds 2018, we want to celebrate the exciting independent businesses in our city, it’s what Leeds is all about and we are proud to be one of them.

We want music fans to explore what the city has to offer whilst they soak up the best in new musical talent, so if you’d like to suggest your place as a cool event space, pop up venue, have an idea we could collaborate on or just think the Live at Leeds crowd should check out what you do then get in touch with us by emailing