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Wolf Alice

Venue: The Cockpit

Even the simplest of intentions can exceed the wildest of expectations. The story of North London’s Wolf Alice is testament to that – a group brought together through the bedroom writing of frontwoman Ellie Rowsell and inspired by kindred spirit and guitarist Joff and drummer Joel Amey, who brought her softly-spoken, bittersweet tales from the bedroom to the limelight. It was with Ellie testing the waters in the often dreaded open mic forums and uploading her very first songs to YouTube where everything really started. Finding kinship in Joff’s folk-meets-house mash-up channel – his escapist hobby amidst a journeyman life as a fitness instructor-cum-ice cream man – the two bonded and started work on Wolf Alice. 

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the buzz

With the release of their debut EP ‘Blush’ at the tail end of last year, Wolf Alice affirmed themselves as one of the brightest prospects in UK guitar music today

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