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Fawn Spots

Devotees of early Joy Division/Warsaw, Husker Du and Rites of Spring, Fawn Spots' are razor edged and lightning fast. Short blasts of hyperactive noise - thrashing guitars and rhythmic beat are kept together with bittersweet melodies.

Their tightly coiled songs draw on the raw power of post-punk and post-hardcore littered with punctuated by flashes of garage rock. Delivered with fever, their often dramatic, always entertaining and ridiculously energetic live show is a must for fans of eighties American and British punk and early college rock. 

“It’s an almost impossible trick to take the glorious rush of underground rock and make it into pop music without losing any of the imagination and energy but Fawn Spots have pulled it off. Versed in early Dischord records and post hardcore noise they have somehow turned it into a glorious, noisy melodic guitar wall of sound…” – John Robb

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