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Dutch Uncles

Dutch Uncles are the perfect dichotomy, making labyrinthine pop of Escher-like complexity and crystal clarity. In their review of 2013’s critically acclaimed ‘Out Of Touch In The Wild’ the BBC encapsulated the band’s essence… “...here once the choice had to be made between disposable pop fun and beard-stroking academic 'real' music, bands such as Dutch Uncles are, happily for all, rendering such a choice unnecessary, permitting us to both have our pop music cake and (oh so intellectually) eat it."

The band this year added another chapter with the critically acclaimed 'O Shudder' and are now poised to return those crashing guitars, fizzing synthesizers, dueling xylophones and lead singer Duncan Wallis' eye-popping dance moves, back to Live at Leeds.

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After supporting them on a European tour, Paramore cited the band as an influence on their self-titled fourth album.

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